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SYLPH (fey subclass)
And in the Beginning of Days, the Mother walked amongst her
Children, and all of creation rejoiced.  Her Creation was many
and one, all of Life bound into a web of shared joy and vitality.
Then, her work complete, the Mother rested.  And, in her rest,
Darkness did steal across her Creation, and Evil sprang into
being.  A parasite on the divine web of life.  Her surviving
Children fought back, with the gifts that had been given to
them.  The Ents protected the Land, and the Unicorns protected
the Creatures.

And then, with great courage and sacrifice, some of her Children
woke her, and she rose in mighty wrath.  Spawning the Wisp to
confound her enemies, and the Sirene to protect the Seas, and the
Sylph to protect the Winds, and the Changeling to be her soldier,
to carry the fight to the Defilers.

The Sylph serve the Mother to fight the Defiling of the air.  
They destroy the new industries of Men, and to wrest back
control of the elemental forces from the parasitic magic of Men.

Now, the Sylph have no form as other beings do being made of air
and consciousness.  But, they can assume a form of gathered dust,
and leaves, and appear as an ethereal woman of surpassing beauty.
But, the Sylph disdains Solid things, and loathingly uses currents
of air to bouy things about.  Her true powers reside in her Mother
given gifts to summon the high winds to her call.  She can change
the very weather, and summon lightning and tornados, and even the
birds of the air to her needs.  And, she can unleash the primordial
winds, the very air breathed by the Mother in her words of Creation
that swept across the formless void and Changed it into being, the
Change Winds. 

The Sylph have the following skills:

assume          attacking           awareness       bouyancy
combat          quickheal           quintessence    resistance
suffocate       weaponry

The Sylph have the following prayers:

birds of prey       breath of life      chain lightning
change winds        corridor            energize
thundercrack        tornado             weather control

The Sylph have the following resistance adjustments:

Poison                         : +25
Shock                          : +25
Cold                           : +25
Fire                           : +25
Sound                          : -25
Light                          : -25
Missile                        : -25
Petrify                        : -25
Drain                          : -25

Sylph stats:

Strength                       : 0/-1
Dexterity                      : 160
Intelligence                   : 130
Constitution                   : 110

The Sylph have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: 8
Min Sight: 0