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Shaolin (Cleric Prestige Subclass)
Shaolin monks live a simple life, which is governed by the quest for
enlightenment. They seek this enlightenment through training and
exploration. They crave not the material things that drive the less

Shaolin monks are monks who have achived hero status within the
monastery, and have traveled the vast lands of Tsunami. They must
also complete a difficult quest. Upon joining the order of the
Shaolin the monk's level will be reset to 1 and they will lose
all of their previous monk abilities.

Shaolin Monk's training takes many years, and therefore they will
gain power much slower then other subclasses, however a highly trained
Shaolin possesses considerable power. The long road has considerable
gains for those who can walk the path of enlightenment.

The Shaolin quest for simplicity means that they frown upon the use of
weapons, they will not even use the walking stick which is granted
to the less enlightened monks of Tsunami.  

The only armour a monk will ever wear is that given by the Shaolin Master,
Tetsuo Umazaka. Tetsuo will reward a monk with equipment based on their
heroic tasks. These tasks are known to others in the world of tsunami
as quests. The rewards and types of equipment a monk can wear are
based on the monks total quest points.

A Shaolin also trains their unarmed combat through combat and not through
experience points. Shaolin's unarmed combat consists of a combination of
punch, kick, throw, dodge, and block combat tactics.  A Shaolin who
successfully executes a tactic gains practice points, when the Shaolin
has obtained enough practice points they will automatically advance their
level in that tactic. A Shaolin can see their current rating using
<monkskills>.  A Shaolin must be patient as training can take years, very
few Shaolin will ever max all tactics.  A Shaolin that reaches such
enlightenment will possess incredible powers. See <help shaolin practice>
for additional information.

Experienced monks will gain additional tactic points upon joining the order,
they will also gain additional tactic points based on how worldly they are
as a monk. See <help monk> and <help monk stick>. This means basically
means that if you are a higher level hero monk, with more areas explored
you will start with a higher value in each of the available tactics.

As it is dificult to focus on both tactic training and experience, the Shaolin
will gain experience based on the level of their tactics. The higher they have
trained all their tactics the more experience they gain per kill. A Shaolin
can expect considerably less experience when starting the quest enlightment.

The combination of tactics is controlled by the Shaolin's stance, see
<help skill stance> and <help stance name> for additional information on each

A Shaolin is limited in what they can purchase, they are not permitted to
use heal shops, but must rather fish for food.  They are also not able
to use pubs but they can make wine at hero levels.  Drinking wine will
put the Shaolin into the drunken fighting stance.  See <help stance drunken>
for additional information.

A Shaolin is also not permitted to own property and thus can not own a
shop. Any monk joining the order who owns a shop will lose that shop upon

A Shaolin does not crave the glory of war, and thus they will not
participate in twars and boot wars.

A Shaolin does not desire the wordly possessions that lead the less 
enlightened down the path of player killing.  The Shaolin will never
initiate an attack against another player.  They seek no help, and none
is given to them, for they are the elite of the monks.

Lastly, Shaolin monks walk the lonely road, and thus they are not allowed
to join parties.

Shaolin have the following skills:

stance               aura              toughness              iron limbs
attacking            fish              mandala                awareness
resistance           combat            flowing wind           

Shaolin gain the following skills at the indicated level:

   6: dragon punch          9: palm                     9: spirit weapons
  15: cyclone kick         15: true vision             19: falling star             
19+1: wine making        19+1: kata

Shaolin stats:

Strength                        : 100
Dexterity                       : 140
Intelligence                    : 80
Constitution                    : 80