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ENT (fey subclass)
As a creature of the Fey, an Ent strives to protect its Mother
Creator from the actions of the Defilers, those younger
Races that pay no heed to Nature.

The Ents were the first creation of the Mother in reaction
to the desecration of the defilement wrought by the newer
races.  At first, peaceful, the Ents tended the forests and
gently purified the Land.

Powerful on defense, the Ent feels most at home in natural
terrains, and their skills are most feared in the forests and
jungles of the lands, in a town or building, their contact with
Nature is small, and their powers wane.

Peaceful no longer, the Ents have been forced to take an
active role in purging Nature of the lesser races, and so along
with their younger cousins, the Changelings, the Ent's
are at war with the Defilers.

To select this subclass, choose fey as a race, and then choose
fey as a class, then go to the fey guild and select the subclass 
from the selection room.

Ents receive all terrain bonuses of the fey race.

Ents have the following skills:

batter              root            torpor             bark
quintessence        armour          toughness          quickheal
weaponry            awareness       resistance         combat        
Ents have the following songs:

entsong         purify          leafsong        awaken
susurrous       song of seasons
Ents have the following resistance adjustments:

Cold                            : -10
Fire                            : -15
Cleave                          : -15
Blunt                           : +20
Pierce                          : +25
Poison                          : +25
Bow                             : +25
Ents have the following terrain adjustments:

Forest                          : +10
Jungle                          : +10
Underground                     : -10
Arctic                          : -10
Ent stats:

Strength                        : 150
Dexterity                       : 50
Intelligence                    : 100
Constitution                    : 100
Ents have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: 8
Min Sight: 0