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Changeling (Fey Prestige Subclass)
For years, Tsunami has been rocked and scarred by the constant battling of 
so-called "intelligent" species.  The higher animals have strayed from 
Nature, and turned to tools, and other instruments of destruction, and have 
in turn, raped the Mother from which they were born.

In Her rage, the Mother gave birth to her final creation, the Changeling, 
drawn from the mystical field of life and energy from whence magic comes, 
these avatars of Nature's rage were born to combat the desecrators.

Changelings are the incarnation of Nature's Rage at the "higher" races 
that have abused the bounty of the world.

Born from the Quintessence, the prime spring of all life and magic, the 
Changeling begins to grow, and learn to mimic the blessed forms of Nature.

Each form is powered by the Quintessence flow, and Nature's blessing. But, 
maintaining the shape drains the Changeling of its natural life, so the 
Changelings existence is one of constant balancing their forms with their 
souls need for replenishment.

Each form has to be nourished and practiced to the peak of perfection 
before it can be used for normal experience. In addition to character 
level restriction a previous form has to be raised to level 10 before new 
form can be learned. The changeling exp filter does is not applied to forms 
that are being raised.

Due to their special Nature, Changelings gain experience at a rate that is 
highly dependant on their piety, or closeness to the Mother which gave them 
life.  A Changeling can easily expect to earn only 1/2 the exp another 
character will earn until nearly Hero level.  At best, a Changeling can earn 
1:1 exp for an equal level player.

As a prestige class Changelings are far more powerful and versatile than 
most classes and therefore are not permitted to participate in 
player-killing, nor wars.  As a prestige class, changelings scorn the 
assistance of most wordly aids.

Those Fey interested in becoming Changelings should start by speaking with 
The Son of the Glades in the Fey guild.


Changelings receive all terrain bonuses of the fey race.

See 'help piety' for more information.
See 'help forms' for information on the different changeling forms.
Changelings have the following skills:

combat          intimidate        quickheal        quintessence
weaponry        attacking         awareness        sword
toughness       resistance
Changelings will learn the following forms at the indicated level:

   1: Fox               4: Turtle            5: Bird*
   7: Boar             10: Mushroom*        12: Python
  14: Tiger            16: Bear             19: Wyvern
19+2: Phoenix        19+4: Balrog         19+6: Custom

* Denotes forms that do not have to be practiced.
Changeling stats:

Strength                        : 100
Dexterity                       : 100
Intelligence                    : 100
Constitution                    : 100
Changelings have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: 8
Min Sight: 0