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Berserker (Barbarian Prestige Subclass)

Since time immemorial, an elite Native fighting-style emphasizing 
rage over discipline has been passed down through generations of 
Barbarian warriors.  The renowned few who embrace this madness are known
as Berserkers.  These reckless Natives fling themselves into battle, most 
often without regard to the consequences.  Armor is a hindrance to their 
fighting style, and Berserkers are therefore known to never wear body 
armour nor shields.  Instead, Berserkers choose to maximize their damage
potential, wielding two weapons with which to destroy their foes.  These 
weapons are the lifeblood of the Berserker, so much so that he or she 
cannot be disarmed.

This is a prestige subclass.  In this case, that means a player must raise
a Barbarian to hero level, have collected 5,000 teeth, and successfully 
undergo a certain challenge to prove his worthiness.  Barbarians wishing to
become Berserkers should talk to the Last of the Cimmerians in the native
guild.  Also, in becoming a Berserker, a player will be forced to restart
his training at level 1.  Upon becoming a Berserker all teeth are also
lost, as the Native must once again prove himself to earn new Berserker


Berserkers use both spell points and adrenaline to power their skills.
The adrenal system is new to Tsunami, and it is advised that players read
"help adrenaline" before playing this subclass.


Berserkers have the following skills:

attacking          awareness          axe                band               
berserk            bloodlust          combat             dagger             
destruct           detect             flail              invulnerability
locate             mace               offhand            pillage
quickheal          resistance         skin               toughness

At level 1, a Berserker may train one new skill at the Native guild hall.  
Every 4 levels after that (4, 8, 12, etc) a new skill "slot" is gained.
Additionally, for every 5,000 teeth (up to 25,000 [5 points total]) the
Berserker will gain an additional skill point. The skills available to 
the Berserker depends upon how many teeth he or she has collected.
Here are the current teeth requirements, and the skills that become

-No Teeth- 
blitz             mutilate            slug               sunder

-1000 Teeth- 
deflect           jab                 onslaught          war paint

-2500 Teeth-
bash              bellow              hack               perforate

-4500 Teeth-
cyclone           decimate            embolden           gore

-7000 Teeth-
desperation       eviscerate          flourish           skull crack


Berserkers have the following skill modifiers:

Berserk                         : +25


Berserker stats:

Strength                        : 120
Dexterity                       : 120
Intelligence                    : 40
Constitution                    : 120


Berserkers have the following resistances:

Acid                            : *
Bite                            : *
Blunt                           : *
Brawling                        : *
Bow                             : *
Claw                            : *
Cleave                          : *
Cold                            : *
Fire                            : *
Pierce                          : *
Poison                          : *
Shock                           : *
Slash                           : *
Stinger                         : *
Unarmed                         : *

* = Resistance is determined by the "battle scars" that the Berserker has
accumulated over the course of time.  Whenever he or she takes damage of
any of the above types, it will help build the Berserkers resistance 
against that particular type.  New Berserkers start with zero percent.
Twenty-five percent is the current maximum.  Damage taken in wars and the
arena does not count towards building resistance.  Berserkers will find
the "battlescars" command useful.