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BARBARIAN (native subclass)
The barbarian is the warrior of the native clan.  They are the
ones that vanquished a good number of the evil demonspawn of
Tsunami isle.

Death is often averted when barbarians are berserking.
They are oblivious to pain while in their feverish state
that even death can not tear them away from their fight.

The barbarians also prefer close hand-to-hand
fighting, often grappling with their foes, instead of using
projectile weapons.  It is more noble to fell a demonspawn
with hands than at a distance with sticks.

Unfortunately this berserking tactic did not work very well
against the evil demonspawn.  The demons of hell would easily
kill the barbarians with their deluge of flame and ice.  So,
barbarians developed the tactic of ramming the spawn to break
their concentration during spell casting.  Barbarians also learned
how to weaken the mages shields by combining their combat
tactics with their innate native abilities.

To understand the native lifestyle is to understand the
barbarian.  The barbarian has all the abilities of the
natives in the clan, as well as his own.

Barbarians have the following skills:

destruct           pillage            locate             run
attacking          detect             awareness          toughness
band               resistance         engage             dagger
sword              axe                2-hsword           berserk
combat             mace               quickheal          ram
skin               spear	      
Barbarian stats:

Strength                        : 140
Dexterity                       : 80
Intelligence                    : 60
Constitution                    : 120