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help > songs > charm
Song: Charm
Class: Bard
Cost: 20
Casting time: 1 round
Difficulty: Level 1
Syntax: sing charm <target>
Examples: sing charm evoker

(costs 10 sp per command issued)

Charm makes the target monster your slave. The charmed monster will provide you with helpful skills, prayers, songs and spells if it possesses any. The charmed monster will also assist you in fighting, where it will cast spells, do skills, sing songs and pray prayers automatically on the target.

A charmed monster will only remain charmed for a certain period of time depending on your skill level in charm, and the level of the charmed monster.

No one likes to be a slave, so when you fail to charm a monster it will attack you.

How to order a charmed creature

Syntax: say <charmed monster name>, <command>
Example: say guard, kill fighter
say guard, kill guard 2
say crusader, pray heal alexi

Most direct commands require you to exert your will over your "charmie". In addition, you must match whatever mental effort your minion exerts, spell point for spell point.

In other words, you will spend 10 sp every time you give your charmie a command. Any command. And if the charmie spends sp because of your command, you will have to spend an equal number of sp.

However, there are a number of special-case commands you can issue. It costs you no spell points to give these orders:

Command:Your follower will:Default:
capabilitiesgive you a list of his skills/spells/etc.n/a
hp reporttell everyone in the room his hp/sp status.n/a
releasestop being charmed.n/a
follow on|off[start|stop] following you when you move.on
fight on|off [attack|don't attack] anything that you're fighting. on
logic on|off [use|don't use] its standard npc logic, which means it will heal itself, use offensive skills against opponents, use boosting skills on itself, etc. on
support on|off [try|don't try] to boost you with any shields, blesses, inspires, and other general (non-healing) support skills it might have. off
heal on|off [try|don't try] to use any healing skills it has on you when you are injured. off
report on|off [tell you|don't tell you] what it sees when following your direct orders. off

Be aware that a charmie will stop 'heal'ing and 'support'ing you if he has too few spell points. Likewise, a charmie will become uncharmed if his hit points get too low. The more effectively you charm him, the more sp/hp he's willing to lose. You can stop getting those 'spent too much on you' messages by restoring the charmie's sp, or by turning heal and support off.