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help > skills > weave
Skill        :   Weave
Class        :   Spider
Cost         :   10 - 40 (based upon # of non-webbed exits)
Usage time   :   1 - 4 rounds
Difficulty   :   Depends upon # of non-webbed exits
Stat base    :   Mostly Dexterity
Syntax       :   do weave

Weave allows the user to weave a web around the current room.  This
web inhibits movement through the room and has several effects upon
those trapped within it.  Those to whom the web is natural are able
to sense vibrations among the strands thus gaining a greater awareness
of movements within the room, while others find the sticky filaments
to inhibit their combat abilities.

An existing web may be torn down (by anyone with the capability) with
the command 'destroy web'.

When used in a room with an existing web, this skill will repair
the existing web up to it's original strength.  This is done at a
discounted cost depending upon the shape of the original web.  In
order to exceed the strength of the original structure, it must be
'destroy'ed and remade.

This skill also allows the use of other skills that require
a web in order to be executed.