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help > skills > style
Skill Name   : Style
Sublasses    : Samurai
Cost         : 0, (15 for elemental strike)
Use Time     : Instant
Stat Base    : Varies
Syntax       : do style <style name>
Valid Styles : hitsu-do, kaze-do, kukan-do, mizu-do, tsuchi-do
Example      : do style mizu-do

The samurai of the realm learn five elemental styles of combat. They are
able to switch between their styles at a moments notice to always be in 
the most desirable form.

While in combat if a Samurai shifts to align their style with their attunement
they will do a bonus elemental strike against their foe.

Style Name   : Hitsu-Do
Stat Base    : Intelligence

Samurai can channel the primal rage of fire when they adopt the
technique of hitsu-do. Their attacks will dart out like flickering
tongues of fire, sharing the same pace of those flames. However, the 
samurai sacrifices some of the power those attacks could have done.

Style Name   : Kaze-Do
Stat Base    : Dexterity

The kaze-do stance makes the samurai move with the etherealness of the
wind. While in this stance, the samurai will sometimes give up their
entire offense in order to dodge the next series of attacks that they
will face. The use of this style takes some mental energy to dodge attacks.

Style Name   : Kukan-Do
Stat Base    : All

With this technique, the samurai becomes one with the void. They become
one with the elements and weave an intricate dance between them all.
In this meditative, state, their consciousness expands to infinity,
allowing them to recover spiritual energy at a rapid pace. Such expanded 
senses leaves the samurai's own sense of self diminished, greatly reducing
their personal awareness and combat prowess. The samurai needs to remain
stationary to maintain this style.

While in the Kukan-Do style their meditative mind staves off the slow
erosion of their center.

Style Name   : Mizu-Do
Stat Base    : Strength

When a samurai adopts the mizu-do style, they summon forth the endless
power of water. Their attacks flow at opponents with the force of a
raging river. Such ferocity leaves the samurai in a less defensive

Style Name   : Tsuchi-Do
Stat Base    : Constitution

The obstinance of the ancient mountains fuels the style of tsuchi-do.
The samurai fortifies themselves against all attacks.  However, mountains
are not known for their speed and the samurai will find their mobility