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help > skills > sleight
Skill        :  Sleight
Skill type   :  Active
Cost         :  None
Stat base    :  Mostly Dexterity and Intelligence
Syntax       :  do sleight steal <item> from <target>
                do sleight money from <target>
                do sleight give <item> to <target>
                do sleight get <item>
                do sleight put <item> <where>
                do sleight steal anything from maniac
                do sleight drop [all] <item>

The sleight skill represents your mastery of the art of sleight-of-hand
and legerdemain. It allows you to avoid being noticed when you:
  - lift an item from someone (steal)
  - pickpocket a single coin from someone (money)
  - plant an item on him (give)
  - palm a loose item (get)
  - slip an item into a handy container (put)
  - drop an item to the floor (drop)

You may also attempt to steal 'anything' from a player.  This will
pick items in their inventory at random.