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help > skills > skin
Skill       :   Skin
Skill Type  :   Active
Cost        :   50 sp, 0 for food, all, torch and bag
Stats Base  :   All stats
Classes     :   Natives
Syntax      :   do skin <food|all|torch|bag|bond|weapon|armour|tracker|fertilizer>
            :   do skin all
Examples    :   do skin mace
                do skin armour
                do skin all
                do skin boots
                do skin bag
                do skin bond
The skin skill is a primal skill which has been employed for much
longer than the age of metallurgy has.  By using the corpse of a
dead monster, comrade, or vile magic-user, a native can create
weapons or armours.  The strength of the item is obviously dependent
upon the strength of the deceased's old body.  However, if a
native unskilled in the art of tanning and skinning tries
to create an item from a corpse which is much stronger than himself,
the chances that the item will be weak is great.

The intuitive native can create either a club, mace, axe, or
dagger from the corpse to be used as a weapon.  If he desires
protection, either armour, boots, cloaks, amulets, helmets, or
others will suffice.

The native can store his weapon for long periods of time...
this is especially great because natives pride themselves
in killing challenging victims.  A native storing a bone club
of Evoker or rib cage of Belly would be most honoured in all tribes.

Natives also have the ability to skin corpses into 
nourishing jerky strips.  With long practice in this, natives
have become more efficient, and can now skin all corpses in
their vicinity.

A skilled outdoorsman can fashion some bones and skin into a
usable torch.

A native may also skin a corpse into a bag to put his stuff in.

A native can skin bonds to subdue magic users for sacrificing.

Unfortunately, natives who don't fashion their own equipment, or
those poor souls that aren't natives, can not use the equipment.

Herbalists can create fertilizer to improve the quality of their

Hunters who skin a corpse belonging to a class that they are an
expert at hunting will do so with greater success. Due to their
vast experience in tracking, hunters are also able to skin basic
tracking devices.