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help > skills > rob
Skill        :  Rob
Skill type   :  Active
Cost         :  None
Stat base    :  Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence
Syntax       :  do rob <item> from <target>
Examples     :  do rob money from ansikte
                do rob anything from xwyii
                do rob amulet from atolycus
                do rob sword from tribal

The rob skill allows you to snatch money and items from players; unlike
steal this will always be noticed, and generally resented.  With a
sufficiently high skill, rob can even take away worn or wielded items.  
If you choose to rob 'anything' it will simply find the first applicable 
item on the target and grab it.

Your chance of success is far greater when you are holding up your target.
See also: help skill holdup