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help > skills > pull
Skill        :   Pull
Class        :   Spider
Cost         :   10 (to tie)
             :   20 (to pull someone to you)
             :   10 (to pull yourself to someone)
Casting time :   1-2 rounds
Syntax       :   do pull tie
                 do pull tied
                 do pull tie <target>
                 do pull <target>
Examples     :   do pull tie 
                 do pull tie galan
                 do pull galan

This skill allows you to attach a thread to either a target
or yourself, and maintain a close proximity.  Once this has
been accomplished either party may depart without disrupting
the line.  The spider may recall his prey to his web through the
command "do pull".  This tests the skill of the spider against
the strength of its prey.

The result of such a pull is based upon whether or not the
Spider has a web with which to brace itself.  If a web is not
available, the spider is pulled towards its prey.  Otherwise,
the spider may bring its victim to its lair.

If no <target> is given to tie, the target is considered the web. 
If no web is present, the skill will fail.

A spider may gains one extra thread every 5 levels beyond level 10.

do pull tied will list everything to which you are currently tied.

It is illegal to pull a player into a situation with the intent to
have them killed by an aggressive NPC.