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help > skills > holdup
Skill        :  Holdup
Skill type   :  Active
Stat base    :  Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence
Syntax       :  do holdup [friendly] target
Examples     :  do holdup bob
                do holdup friendly marian

The holdup skill allows you to hold someone immobilized at knifepoint while
you loot them.  The person will likely be too intimidated to move or attack,
and if they do move, you will instantly strike them.  Aside from that, you
may release them by moving or using another skill, or by attacking them
(in which case you will strike them with your held action).  You cannot
use skills other than rob while holding someone at knifepoint.

If you choose to do a 'friendly' holdup the effects are the same, _except_
that once the victim breaks free you do not strike them -- it is only for