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help > skills > foul
Skill        :  Foul (Foul Play)
Skill type   :  Active
Stat base    :  Strength, Dexterity
Syntax       :  do foul [option] target
Cost         :  10 sp
Options      :  throw, sand, clothesline, headlock, trap
Examples     :  do foul bob
                do foul sand marian
                do foul headlock dokken
                do foul clothesline quiggly
                do foul trap araphor

The foul play skill is an essential skill for a Bandit.  Bandits
are known for their down and dirty fighting and complete
lack of ethics when it comes to duels.

Bandits have five options they prefer to use:

Clothesline:  Stick out an arm and hit your opponent
              across the neck

Throw:        Throw your opponent across the room and then
              pounce while they are unaware

Sand:         Throw sand in your opponent's eyes, blinding them

Headlock:     Get your opponent in an intimidating headlock.
              This move stops combat with the target and increases 
              the bandit's intimidation for a short period of time.
Trap:         You will throw your opponent into a previously made trap.
              Available traps: Firepit, Pungi. One opponent per trap.