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help > skills > drown

Skill        :   Drown
Class        :   Sirene
Cost         :   20
Casting time :   1
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Quintessence
Syntax       :   do drown <target>
Examples     :   do drown tooth                 
             :   do drown +30 asherzot
             :   do drown

In an aquatic environment, a Sirene may seek to
drown her unsuspecting victim.  Pulled under the
water, they take in a great lungful, and proceed to
die of oxygen deprivation.  The lingering effects
of the water will eventually be expelled from the lungs,
and the victim may do so more effectively if they move
out of the aquatic environment.  The Undead are
highly resistant to drowning.