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help > skills > berserk
Skill        :   Berserk
Class        :   Barbarian, Berserker, Troll, Changeling (bear form)
Cost         :   5 spell points
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   0
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Stats Base   :   Strength and Constitution
Syntax       :   do berserk [<target>]
Examples     :   do berserk
                 do berserk joe
                 do berserk (to end, Berserker and Troll only)

The berserk skill puts one in a blind rage; while berserking one
cannot issue commands, nor can he/she tell about his/her health
condition, but the berserker will hit much harder (or even more
often) than normal and will be rather difficult to kill.

Barbarians may use ram and eat jerky while using berserk, similarly
a Troll may use shred.

Berserkers CAN issue SKILL commands while berserk, as most of them 
require that the Berserker currently be berserk. They can also  
wield, offwield, and unwield weapons. Health condition will show for
the Berserker, and he or she is also able to "do berserk" to come out
of berserk.  The more adrenaline a Berserker currently has, the more
powerful the berserk will be. The Berserker is so comfortable in this
state that entering it does not count as an action. Allowing the
Berserker to berserk plus another skill in the same round.
See also: help adrenaline, help skills