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Jihad Invasions (jinvasions)

While Tsunami is sometimes besieged by rampaging invaders
(see 'help invasion'), occassionally the gods start a
holy invasion.  During a jihad invasion, each faction
sends the same number and levels of invaders to ransack
Tsunami.  The invaders are representative of valid classes,
subclasses, and races of that holy faction.

Much like in normal invasions, the goal as a player is to
halt the invasion by defeating the invaders.  However, in
jihad invasions your goal is to destroy invaders of factions
other than yours.  The faction whose invaders are the 
last ones left alive is the winning faction.

The gods greatly approve of your assistance in advancing their
cause and erradicating opposing faction's invaders.  They
often will reward their followers greatly upon successfully
winning the jihad invasion.

The 'time' command will show the status of the current jihad
invasion and other invasion commands should switch to showing
jihad invasion statistics when this type of invasion is
taking place.  For a list of other invasion commands see
'help invasion'

Unlike regular invasions, jihad invasions do not add to your
invasion score - you do them not for your own glory but for
that of your god(s).

See also:  help invasion,  help iview