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help > invasion
Periodically, the lands of Tsunami are threatened
by an invasion from the lands beyond the Sunreach Sea.
The invasions have been on the rise recently, and it is
unknown what the invaders desire from our fair shores.

When the first invaders are sighted, a general alarm
is sent to all the peoples of the lands, and it is
for the purpose of mutual survival that priest bands
together with Deathknight to repulse the foul invaders.

The invaders spread rapidly through the lands, and can
often, sadly, be tracked by their slash and burn tactics
that leave the very lands charred to ashes.

The "time" command will show the current invasion
status of Tsunami, and once you have entered into the
battle to repulse the invaders, you will be notified upon
an invaders death how many are left in the invasion

The "invasionscore" command can be used to list your invasion
statistics from previous invasions or the current invasion,
should one be ongoing.

The invaders can be almost any class, species, or 
race.  Their levels can range from the lowliest foot soldier,
to the powerful WarLords.  Because of their pillaging
nature, the often have a good deal of money on their persons,
and are worth much experience.  Additionally, once the invasion
is broken, you are rewarded a bonus based upon the number of
invaders you have slain.  There is however, a level cap, a 19+3
character will not gain any expereince from a level 17

The invaders, coming from a strangely magical realm, are
seemingly immune to summon or gate, but have been known
to be viewable through mystical objects.   Additionally, their tactics
dictate that they stay close to major roadways as to allow them
to spread faster, though their wandering ways will sometimes
push them off the beaten path by a room or three.

See also: help jinvasion, help iview
If your character is not logged on when the invasion is broken,
it will receive the money and experience rewards upon first subsequent