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help > hardcore


A hardcore player must start at level 1 with only
the initial free 2000 exp. By definition a HARDCORE
player is pk on. A hardcore player forgoes any
god, idle, and linkdeath protection.

When a hardcore player dies, their soul is forever trapped
in the realms, and as such can not be resurrected.
The only option is reincarnation, or existance
as an impotent shade.

The hardcore player gains exp at HALF the normal
rate. Additionally, a hardcore player gains
+5 to all skills including base skills like magic.

Only hardcore players may compete with each other, regular
PK ON players can not attack hardcore players,
and hardcore players may not attack regular PK ON
people, these are separate systems.

Hardcore PKing functions like regular PKing, 3 level
absolute window.

There is also a hardcore chat channel for hardcore
characters only. The command to join is "hc /on".
Just use hc to talk on the line.

Hardcore players must always remain visible on the 
who list.